Printed Matter on Alexei Gorodentsev's
Introduction to commutative and
homological algebra

Contents:    lecture notes    assesed work sheets    exam

These lecture notes are still incomplete, sorry.

Lecture Notes

Here you can download short notes of some lecture kernels. Electronic versions of the other lectures are in preparation.

Lecture 1. Commutative algebra draught (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 2. Tensor guide (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 3. Polarizations and contractions (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 4. General nonsense appendix (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 5. Complexes and (co)homologies (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 6. Classical derived functors (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Assessed Work Sheets

Typically, 30% of the exam points are given for successive solving the exersises from the assessed work sheets published one per week. Here you can download some of them

Task 1. Searching through the diagrams (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Task 2. Polynomial ideals (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Task 3. Multilinear algebra (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Task 4. Complexes and their (co)homologies (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Task 5. Some canonical constructions (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Task 6. Spectral sequences (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Task 7. Classical derived functors (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Written exam

You can download program of the exam together with some (old) exam problems and the real exam given in May 19, 2004 (Spring term, Independent University of Moscow - "Math. in Moscow" program).