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(current version, Fall 2014)

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This is current working wersion filled during the reading of the course. Here is old stable version of this course (unchanged after 2009) and complete old textbooks: release Feb. 16, 2004, size: 825 kB and release Aug. 28, 2006, size: 896 kB.

Lecture Notes

All currently available lectures via one file (PDF, 878 Kb, renewed 04.10.2014). .

Home Tasks

All problems marked with stars are honorary. The maximal mark «A» can be achieved without solving them.

Marking rules

Let H and E be the total amounts of problems you have solved among the problems given in the Home Tasks and in the Written Exam respectively (both are computed as percentage [total number of solved problems]:[total number of problems without stars] and may be >100 if you solved honorary problems with stars). To get marks «A», «B», «C» it is enough to have H+E > 140, 90, 40. respectively.

Training midterm test (it makes no contribution to the final marks)
Final written exam (December 18, 2014)