Printed Matter on Alexey Gorodentsev's
(old stable version, did not changed after 2009)

Contents:    lecture notes    assesed work sheets    exam

This is the old stable version of the course. It is not changed after 2009. Here is the most recent current version (Fall 2014). Also you can download the complete textbook in two editions: release Feb. 16, 2004, size: 825 kB and release Aug. 28, 2006, size: 896 kB.

Lecture Notes

Below are the short notes of the original lectures. Some actually discussed things are skipped or given only as exercises.

Lecture 1. Projective spaces (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 2. Projective quadrics (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 3. Plane drawings: line pencils and conics (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 4. Tensor guide (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 5. Polarizations and contractions (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 6. Working example: Grassmannians (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 7. Working example: Veronese curves (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 8. Commutative algebra draught (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 9. Projective hypersurfaces (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 10. Singularities of plane curves (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 11. Correspondences and Chasles - Cayley - Brill formula (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 12. Affine algebraic - geometric dictionary (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 13. Algebraic manifolds (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 14. Working example: lines on surfaces (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 15. Abstract nonsense appendix (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 16. Vector bundles (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Lecture 17. Sheaves (GZIP'ed PostScript).

Assessed Work Sheets

Typically, 30% of the exam points are given for successive solving the exersises from the assessed work sheets published one per week. You can download some of them from here.

Written exam

You can download some variants of the written exam for this course:

1999, 3th term, Warwick University, GZIP'ed PostScript.

2002, Spring term, Independent University of Moscow ("Math. in Moscow" program), GZIP'ed PostScript.